Center for Global Competitiveness

Recognizing our responsibility to prepare students to be knowledgeable and compassionate citizens, the Center for Global Competitiveness promotes an understanding of one’s own culture while extending well beyond the boundary of the nation where instruction occurs. Seeking beyond the institution itself, partnerships and networking promote global awareness, experience, and problem solving.

In 2013, working with Education First and Oglethorpe University, 16 South Korean student teachers participated in a residency program hosted at Mount Vernon. The experience promoted cultural awareness, empathy, and global awareness for teachers and students. 

Mount Vernon is globally competitive as our International Program continues to grow. Thirteen international students, two Lithuanian and 11 Chinese students have attended Mount Vernon in the last three years. 

Likewise Mount Vernon Upper School students have the opportunity to experience learning in other countries. Through Interim Term our Upper School students have traveled to destinations like Peru, Paris, South Africa, London, and Nova Scotia. Additionally an international exchange program launched in February 2014 allowing Mount Vernon Upper School students to attend school in Seville, Spain. 

List of 5 news stories.

  • Making Global Connections

    Some experts predict that not IQ, not EQ, but CQ will be the number one predictor of success. CQ refers to our cultural intelligence which extended well beyond the basic understandings of a culture’s food, language, and currencies.
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  • COI helps define Globally Competitiveness

    On Friday, October 25 the Mount Vernon Institute inaugurated the first annual Council on Innovation as a means to exercise and build further our leadership in education and engaged citizenship. es.
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  • Mount Vernon launches Council on Innovation

    As a School of inquiry, innovation and impact, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School shared a new facet of the School's growth and continual improvement last week.

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  • Partnership Builds Global Connections

    Mount Vernon Lower School and Middle School students and teachers shared some of the most memorable experiences when they hosted 20 student teachers from South Korea. Through an international partnership with Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, the teachers visited the School four weeks to learn American education practices. 
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  • Students visit Zambian sister schools

    Two years ago MVPS established sister school relationships with two educational institutions in Zambia - Garden Presbyterian School and The Helen De Vos School. These relationships allow teachers and students to communicate and learn from one another in a meaningful way, while creating lifelong partnerships that spread throughout the Mount Vernon community. During the summer of 2013 a group of Mount Vernon students visited Zambia and made connections with students from our sister school. 

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