Middle School


The middle school years, grades 5-8 at Mount Vernon, represent a time of exciting change in our School. Located on both campuses, Middle School serves as the nexus between Lower School and Upper School. It is the intersection between being a kid and becoming a teenager. Students encounter thrilling opportunities and challenges as they grow during these years. It is here that the Mount Vernon Mindset truly begins to flourish, as our Middle Schoolers utilize their full range of skill sets to seek out their own solutions, make ethical decisions, communicate effectively, think creatively and innovate and collaborate in every facet of their lives.
Each day, approximately 330 students explore and experience active, hands-on academic units prepared by highly-qualified and dedicated faculty to meet the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. We are proud that our faculty are passionate about partnering with parents to help students navigate the transition of this stage of life.
While our students take courses in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign language, Christian Education, Fine Arts, and Media/Technology, there are several key programs that provide tremendous access to real world experiences.
Student-Led Conferences
Middle School students will lead two conferences with teachers and parents in 2016-2017 (one in the fall and one in the spring).

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We have fun. We are ready to talk and ponder the big issues. We question the answers. We are primed to see the world in new ways. We still love to color. We have amazing viewpoints. We are dreamers. We battle for independence. We are not flawless, but we are beautiful in our flaws. Apathy and calm are not words that describe us. Welcome to the Middle School experience!
Chip Houston
Head of Middle School
Instructional Rounds
Mount Vernon’s Research and Design (R&D) Teams spend a great deal of time researching best practices, collaborating with respective colleagues, and piloting projects throughout the year.

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1:1 Chromebook Program
Each new MVPS Middle School student (Grades 5-8) is issued a Chromebook. Linking cloud computing and personal technology allows Middle Schoolers to engage in real-time virtual collaboration with their teacher and each other. Students utilize interactive platforms like Google docs, apps, and online resources in order to grow as digital citizens and learners.

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