Visual Arts

Each student has a unique story to tell and a distinctive voice to tell it with. Our Visual Arts faculty work alongside students helping them to find ways of impacting their world through unique and thought-provoking art. We value the process and take the time to invest in each student by teaching techniques and facilitating artistic exploration. Through this process, students learn to connect with and influence the world around them in real and significant ways.

Cross-curricular projects creates space for visual art to intersect with other disciplines. It is here that students see how art can influence, enhance and raise awareness about real-world issues. At Mount Vernon, art is not seen as wallpaper or decoration, art is the way we share our story, transmit our ideas, and influence our world.
"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."
Pablo Picasso
GLENN CAMPUS (7-12), 510 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-250-5880
FOUNDERS CAMPUS (PS-6) , 471 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-252-3448