Middle School


Our Counseling Department at Mount Vernon supports the School's mission and is dedicated to working with our students and school community. We provide resources for students, parents, faculty, and staff, striving to serve the individual needs of each student.
Counseling provides guidance in personal, college, and academic decisions. I personally provide individual counseling, small group counseling, large group guidance, parent conferences, professional referrals, intervention, and testing support.  Offering consultation and advisement with students, parents, faculty and outside professionals, we seek to further the development of the students socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and academically.
The door to my office is always open to assist students. Please lean on me to address questions, offer support, suggest resources, and develop connections for our students.

Dr. Kelli Bynum
Director of Counseling Services
404-252-3448 Ext.2006
GLENN CAMPUS (7-12), 510 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-250-5880
FOUNDERS CAMPUS (PS-6) , 471 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-252-3448