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Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences have been practiced in schools across the nation for several decades. The benefits of involving students in conversations about their learning, include:

  • increased student motivation and ownership of learning
  • greater alignment and meeting of standards/learning outcomes
  • more involved parents
  • celebrating each student’s unique strengths and interests

Each Middle School student is paired with a Conference Mentor who interacts regularly with your child. With guidance from their Conference Mentor, students will set goals, share ePortfolios, and focus on demonstrations of learning outcomes.  In the weeks prior to Conference Day, Mentors will be working diligently with students, preparing them to discuss his or her own progress in all classes. The purpose of these Conference Days is to display the student’s leadership in facilitating the meeting and five eportfolio demonstrations.

We value the partnership we have with Mount Vernon families and look forward to these opportunities to come together to support student learning.

Conference Day - Spring 2016

"For years, we have conditioned them that learning occurs in specific subjects, in specific rooms, at specific times, in specific desks. If there isn’t a grade attached to it, they may not be interested. Such conditioning limits the possibilities of learning and metacognition."
- Chip Houston

Student-Led Conferences


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