Our Focus

Curiosity-Driven Curriculum

Early Childhood Educational research indicates that children learn more when they are truly engaged in hands on activities that are meaningful and exciting to them.

Curriculum develops through an interactive process between the child, teacher and the environment. In each classroom, there is a balance between teacher-planned activities and those activities that emerge from the children’s interests, abilities and needs. Focusing on inquiry, problem solving, and discovery, Mount Vernon Preschoolers are truly engaged in their own learning.

Preschool Design Thinking Challenge


In Preschool, we focus on knowing what the children are interested in, and we create our lesson plans around their curiosities -- right at the time they are discovering and developing social-emotional and problem solving skills. We think Preschool should be a fun time to learn how to be a person -- someone who is kind, fair, a good person and a problem solver.
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