February 27-March 3, 2017

Interim Term’s Internship Program allows students the opportunity to experience real-world working environments in professional areas they may be inclined to pursue. Working closely with a Mount Vernon faculty advisor and business sponsors, students will explore their interests, learn about career options, and gain insight into vocations. One of the most significant aspects of the Internship Program is it enables students to discover much about their personality, skills and goals.
An informational meeting will be held on October 12th to discuss the Program. Students will be exposed to a general overview of expectations and a descriptive look at the experience. Students will receive the application for Internships and will be prompted to return these by November 2nd.

In addition to the internship component, students will reflect on insights gained during this experience. The course grade will be based upon participation of requirements leading up to the Internship, supervisor’s evaluations; the completion of a career reflection and presentation, and thank-you note; attendance and completion of the three deadlines outlined below and the timely fulfillment of internship requirements.

  • October 12, Informational Meeting
  • November 2, Application Due
  • December 8, Internship Confirmation Completed
On November 2nd Students will return their Internship Applications. These applications are not final, but they do require that the student to be in process of securing the internship. Students will reflect on their form, date and method of contact, contact details, and a description of follow-up procedures. Students who have not contacted an organizational representative at this point will not be considered for an internship.

Students will have until December 8th to secure their internship.

Further deadlines and mandatory meetings will be communicated in January, 2017

If you have further questions regarding the Career Exploration Internship, please contact Curtis Berry at cberry@mountvernonschool.org, the faculty advisor for the Career Exploration Internship program.

Interim Term 2014

GLENN CAMPUS (7-12), 510 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-250-5880
FOUNDERS CAMPUS (PS-6) , 471 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-252-3448