Destination: Cusco, Peru

Travel Dates: February 23- March 4, 2017

Cost per student: Estimated cost $4,440; subject to change based on airfare & number of participants.

Deposit: $1,435 due at Interim Term Registration (Week of October 3, 2016)

Trip Supervisor: Jeremy Spiegel

Grades: 9-12

Maximum number of students: 12 (This trip is FULL)

Trip Description and Purpose:

The Mount Vernon expedition to Peru is a trip geared towards students with a longing for natural beauty and a desire for adventure. It will span ten days as we discover the environment of the Andes mountains and the history of the Inca people. Basing our expedition out of Cusco, Peru, where people have lived since 4500 BCE, we will take several treks that will not only help us acclimate to the altitude, but will also bring us closer to the mountains and their people. We will cap our trip with a visit to the ancient capital of Machu Picchu where we will walk in the footsteps of Incan royalty and soak our feet in the mountain hot springs. Working with the globally applauded World Challenge Expeditions, students will also be challenged to be team leaders and global citizens.
GLENN CAMPUS (7-12), 510 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-250-5880
FOUNDERS CAMPUS (PS-6) , 471 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-252-3448