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The Upper School addresses the needs of the whole student not only in the classroom and on the playing fields but also through a wide variety of clubs.

Clubs enable students to pursue specific areas of interest outside of the classroom and help develop 21st Century skills such as the ability to communicate, work with others, create, and innovate. Clubs are open to all Upper School students and enable them to experience the arts, spiritual growth, fellowship, intellectual stimulation, and academic achievement. The students at the Upper School are encouraged to join a club of choice at any time and are even given the opportunity to start a club if they have a particular area of interest. The clubs as well as the activities associated with the clubs are dependent on the needs of the Upper School student body with new clubs forming every year.

The A Cappella Club is an opportunity for those who love music and singing but have no time in their class schedules to do something with that love. Because a cappella involves no instruments, even those who aren't particularly good at singing can be involved by making the noises of instruments. This club is a chance for people to relax, have fun, learn, and spend time with other people who have their same interest in music.

The Breakfast Club is described within itself by the name! The club meets during Friday’s club time in the cafeteria for food and conversation. This club requires dues.

One of the most popular clubs in the Upper School is the Business and Entrepreneurship Club. The B & E Club provides students access to many influential people in business. Through speaking engagements, trips to Atlanta's thriving corporations, and Q & A sessions with professionals, students gain insight into the successes and challenges of starting and maintaining a business. The club meets bi-monthly throughout the school year and is open to all students.

The Creative Writing Club creates an environment where aspiring writers at Mount Vernon can work to enhance their skills. In the meetings, attendees critique each other’s work and share writing prompts that address a variety of literary styles, including poetry and short stories.

The Mount Vernon Presbyterian Debate Team competes at tournaments against other schools from the region and across the country in 2 vs. 2 policy debates. The team works with a nationally selected topic and explores the political, economic, social, philosophical and policy aspects of the topic and researches arguments to be used in competition. The 2015-2016 topic is: “Resolved: That the United States Federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance."

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is the largest Christian sports organization in America. Meetings are structured and may include music, a short message on topics relevant to students and athletes, small group discussions and time to hang out.

The Art Club meets every Tuesday and Wednesday after school. The club provides students and faculty alike with the opportunity to gain experience in drawing, painting, and ceramics. Various areas of expression are offered allowing students and faculty a variety of project opportunities depending on their interest.

The French Language Honor Society honors those students in level 3 or above of French who have maintained an A in all preceding semesters of their foreign language study. These students serve as role models for their peers and demonstrate exceptional interest in foreign language study and respect for various cultures. They offer tutoring for other students in our school and organize other cultural events throughout the year.

The Hiking Club will incorporate hiking throughout Georgia Mountains and trails as well as bonding with peers. The group will meet during club time to discuss what trails the group will hike but will meet on weekends and after school for hikes. The hiking club will be a good way to make friends, get exercise, and take beautiful pictures!
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs, the Interact Club provides opportunities for young people to work together in a world fellowship, dedicated to service and international understanding. We seek to impact both our local community and the international community in which we live. Through acts of service, the Interact Club also seeks to explore international understanding and develop the leadership skills of our members. For example, we regularly work with local organizations, like Leadership Sandy Springs, to do service projects such as Movies by Moonlight at the Sandy Spring United Methodist Church. We've also brought awareness to international issues like the Red Thread Movement and distracted driving.

Kemps is an exhilarating partner card game in which teams compete to get four of a kind and then call “kemps” after their partner does their secret signal. Members of the Kemps Khaos club will get to participate in a student-faculty kemps tournament over the course of the year. Our mission is to encourage student-faculty communications and build a strong team throughout the high school with an entertaining card game challenge and competition.

A student who has had two years of high school Latin with an A average for all four semesters is eligible for The Latin Honor Society. The certificate awarded to an inductee reads “ne plus ultra,” Latin for “the highest attainable point.” The ceremony inducting the honorees is serious and moving, as befitting their hard work.

Members of the math club extend their mathematical knowledge and critical thinking skills acquired in math class by practicing math contest problems during weekly practices. These math problems stimulate the mind and enhance our pattern recognition and logical reasoning capabilities! All students are welcomed.

Established in 1921, the National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Students with a qualifying core weighted GPA of 3.5 or higher are invited to apply at the beginning of the spring semesters. Sophomores and juniors are tapped into NHS annually in March. Together, National Honor Society members serve the community through volunteerism and drives which benefit the greater good.

This club offers Mount Vernon Upper School students an opportunity to play ping pong and learn from one another. Players of all skill levels are welcomed.

The Mount Vernon Prefect System is comprised of outstanding juniors and/or seniors who are nominated or self-nominated and then selected by a faculty review board. Chosen for their high character, exceptional integrity, leadership within and outside of the classroom, and commitment to the mission and core values of Mount Vernon, the Prefects have a passion to see Mount Vernon live out the fullness of its potential.
The Mount Vernon Prefect System includes Head Prefect, Ambassador Prefect, Outreach Prefect, Student Spirit Prefect, Student Events Prefect, Spiritual Life Prefect, Environmental Prefect, Communications Prefect, and Unity Prefect. Each Prefect has a mentor faculty or staff member to assist them in building their committee, shaping their vision for the year, and providing an invaluable resource to see it to completion. These mentors and committee members meet regularly and consistently with The Prefect to facilitate their growth and development as a leader and to help assess areas for growth.

Prefect Committees help serve under a specific Prefect; Ambassador, Outreach, Student Life, Spiritual Life, Student Events, Environmental, Communications, and Unity. Students on Prefect Committees are required to attend meetings as scheduled.

The MVPS rock climbing club is a fun way to hang out with Mount Vernon students once a month and rock climb. Students learn the knots and techniques of rock climbing. The club is open to all 9-12 grade students regardless of skill level. Fees are required to participate in the rock climbing activities.

The Spanish Language Honor Society honors those students in level 3 or above in Spanish who have maintained an A in all preceding semesters of their foreign language study. These students serve as role models for their peers and demonstrate exceptional interest in foreign language study and respect for various cultures. They offer tutoring for other students in our school and organize other cultural events throughout the year.

This club is all about school spirit. Our job is get students out to the games and fill the student section and promote themes provided by the booster club and student government. Students who join are also encouraged to find new and creative ways to make Mount Vernon a spirited atmosphere. This club promotes the opportunity to make friends while making our school a better place and a more positive school environment for students, teachers, and everyone in the school community.

Each grade in the Upper School will be represented by elected Class Officers. The purpose of the class officers is to recognize and develop leadership potential, serve as the spokespersons for their class, and encourage cooperation and camaraderie among students. Each grade will elect a President, Vice President, and Secretary.

Young Life is a relational ministry that introduces high school students to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith. This club is a fun, energetic, weekly get-together where students play games, sing songs, and learn about God's love for them. Leaders care enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, to build bridges of authentic friendship. Young Life participants have the opportunity to attend a Young Life camp for a weekend in the winter and a week in the summer.
Contact Dean of Upper School, Krista Parker, with questions regarding MV clubsKparker@mountvernonschool.org
GLENN CAMPUS (7-12), 510 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-250-5880
FOUNDERS CAMPUS (PS-6) , 471 MT. VERNON HWY NE, ATLANTA, GA 30328, 404-252-3448